Ready To Build: Nervos Grant Programs Explained

Nervos Grant Programs Explained

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Common Vision.

Common Goals.

Common Knowledge.

At Nervos, common vision, goals, and knowledge are the heart of the Nervos ecosystem. We also believe that these common values extend well into the communities we serve and the projects we build. To this end, we have designed Nervos from the ground up to be a cooperative architecture: an open, public, permissionless, layered set of technologies and protocols that unify the blockchain industry. We’ve designed future success by understanding the need to attract those of like minds into our ecosystem.  We do this through our grant program and Build Club, a network of developers building this shared vision together.

We’re a gateway for funding open-source Nervos Network projects.

The Nervos grants fund blockchain technology projects that meet the needs of a rapidly-accelerating Nervos ecosystem. Our long-term vision for Nervos is to be fully decentralized in all aspects. Our community-led development is part of the journey toward this goal. We bootstrap and empower individuals, teams, and projects that align with this shared vision.

Our grant program aims to build a fully decentralized ecosystem of technology that enables developers and users alike an experience they can’t get anywhere else. With our layered approach, we are busy creating a secure, scalable, sustainable, and decentralized set of protocols that work together seamlessly. To achieve this, we are also taking a layered approach to our grants by really listening to our community and relying on them to help decide what needs to be built next. Like building a house, the person holding the hammer knows what should come next.

This idea of building with the community in mind separates us from other ecosystems. At Nervos, we make sure no question goes unanswered. Most of the developers that have received a grant and worked through the build process with us have reported an excellent experience specifically because of our ability to deliver high-touch support.

We’d love for you to build on Nervos or Godwoken and feel the love firsthand!

We are currently targeting grants for the following areas:

  • Infrastructure L1 and L2

Including interoperability, wallets, nodes as service providers, oracles, bridges, cross-chain, and other tools to build out the Nervos ecosystem.

  • dApps (L1 and L2)

Including Defi, Games, NFT-related, and others.

  • Education & Technical Knowledge

Including tutorials, guides, hackathons, and others.

  • Marketing

Including creating projects like Nervos Nation, CKBfans, and other collaborations with influencers in the blockchain space.

  • Suggest a Topic

Don’t see what you want to build? We’d love to hear your suggestions here. (Insert link?)

Each grant category has a scope of work for that specific category (are we still doing it this way? to give guidance and recommendations to potential applicants. More information on this can be found on the Nervos Talk thread. The Nervos team will review its needs quarterly and open up new grant opportunities to navigate the fast-changing blockchain landscape.

Grants are awarded in a simple 3-step process:

  1. Post your proposal to Nervos Talk or submit your application here.
  2. Publish your detailed specification.
  3. Receive a final review and decision by the Nervos review council.

What Happens If It’s a YES?

If you are selected as a grant recipient, exciting things start to happen!  In addition to helping you plan your milestones, we build support infrastructure to help you before, during, and after the launch.

Here are some of the benefits outside of just the cash value of our grant program:

Community: You get to join our Build Club, a small but growing community of developers like you.  In Build Club, you get the support you need to make it to the finish line. You also get to bounce ideas off of other responsive developers and engineers. You and your project will have a specific channel where you can organize your work and collaborate with Nervos or Godwoken directly.

Marketing: You will receive assistance in growing your brand with presentations and other materials that marketing generates on your behalf.

Troubleshooting: Our engineers and developers are always on standby inside your project’s discord channel, waiting to support you. Because of our ecosystem size, we can help you move your project from start to finish faster than other larger ecosystems that can’t support you the same way.

Idea Creation & Collaboration: You will find that by engaging in the development process under Nervos Network, you are exposed to a whole host of new ideas, developers, and projects that you may want to collaborate with.  With Nervos Network being designed for flexibility, there are no shortages of ideas here.


What does a good application look like?

Please see this application as an example.

We are a private business; can we apply?

Private businesses are welcome to apply but should only apply for Nervos’s grant funding if what they plan to build will be open source.

We are a team of individuals, not a business entity. Can we still apply?


Our team plans to launch a token sale, is it eligible for a grant?


Our team was denied previously, can we still apply?

Sure, you are welcome to re-apply.

How long is project delivery if accepted?

Project delivery is contingent upon your milestones.

When will new grant categories open up?

We review current and future needs quarterly and update the community when new grant categories open.

What is the “scope of work” within grant categories all about?

Within each category are a list of project areas and the scope of work for potential projects. This is determined by the Review Council, senior Nervos developers, and the Grant Project team.

How do I submit my application?

Just click here!


To stay updated on all things Nervos:

Join our community: Discord — Github — Nervos Talk Forum — Twitter. For discussions or questions, join the conversation on Discord.

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