Which Nervos Network Layer Should I build On? (Part 4 of 4)

Which Layer Should I Build On? Part 4 of 4

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In the last blog post, we covered how Nervos Layer 1 CKB, Godwoken (Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup), and Axon (sidechain) compared concerning Ownership, Longevity, Flexibility, Time-To-Launch, Support, and Community

In this, the fourth of our four-part blog series on Which Nervos Network Layer Should I Build On, I outline the various use cases and actual projects built on Nervos. I direct quote members from certain projects and highlight their perspectives.


Before we move on, let’s recap what we’ve learned…


In general, we made the case that you might:


  • Choose CKB L1 if you care about security and decentralization.
  • Choose Axon if you care about performance.
  • Choose Godwoken if you want to find a balance in the trade-offs.

Let’s move on to covering some projects that have already launched on one of the layers, CKB L1, Godwoken, or Axon, and some ideas that might get the juices flowing for you on which layer your next dApp might launch on. 


Dot Bit

(Multi-Chain Trading Service)

Dot Bit is a very popular cross-chain web3 digital identification service. .bit is a breakout project on CKB L1 and likely one of the best examples of the power that Nervos CKB L1 brings when its capabilities and protocols are fully utilized.


In a recent AMA on October 12, 2022, Tim Zheng, CEO, and founder at Apollo.io, had this to say about the .bit platform:


“When we found that Nervos is very capable and can implement DID very well, we communicated very deeply with the entire core development team. This team has strong technical capabilities and great ideas. In their ability to expand the entire new ecosystem in the future, they have mentioned many unique and innovative capabilities, which we attach great importance to. 


Nervos has a very elegant ability — it can verify all the cryptographic signature verification algorithms on Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin today through a cryptographic-level security method on Nervos, and verify it. The cost of the process is low enough. 


This ability allows us to truly achieve seamless cross-chain. With the capability support of this architecture, we only need to redeploy the password verification algorithm of each supply blockchain and implement it once, so that all blockchains can be crossed, and the cost is low enough.


Therefore, we have achieved cross-chain registration and holding process without gas fees for any operation. This experience is very smooth and very nice.”

“Nervos Network provides us with a very effective solution to cross-chain problems.


Compared with other current mainstream public blockchains, the bottom layer of Nervos is very flexible and convenient for us to operate, while other public chains cannot do this. 


Anyone can deploy any signature algorithm on Nervos CKB at any time, and when a new signature algorithm is added, CKB will not be hard forked. The new signature algorithm is installed on Nervos CKB like a plug-in. And in a CKB transaction, it can be clearly pointed out which signature algorithm needs to be called to verify the transaction. 


Based on these characteristics, we can install any public blockchain algorithm on Nervos CKB, and finally realize that any public blockchain address can hold assets issued on Nervos CKB. Such an elegant cross-chain approach, which is why we chose Nervos.”Tim Zheng, CEO and founder at Apollo.io

Other Ideas for projects on CKB L1: 

NFT projects – Our Cell Model allows for low/zero gas fees. This translates into a familiar user experience, especially for traditional web2 users.

DeFi projects – A project where a user would expect successful transactions only and not tolerate paying for a failed transaction. CKB L1 doesn’t write failed transactions to the network due to its Cell Model design. This is unlike blockchains like Ethereum that make users pay fees, even for failed transactions.

Godwoken (Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup Solution)


A Decentralized Exchange

“Nervos is a POW chain that has a UTXO cell model, which makes it different from so many POS chains. It’s special and outstanding. Godwoken’s cheap gas and fast block time confirmations make it the perfect choice for building this DEX.”

– Team NevDEX

Fallen Factions

NFT-Based Game

“We chose to build on Godwoken for a few main reasons. The first is the ease of development, with Godwoken being 100% EVM Compatible. This has allowed our tools and knowledge to be easily utilized and ensured we could start building immediately.”

Hacks or glitches can destroy a multiplayer video game, so the high level of security Godwoken has is crucial for us. Lastly, the expansive interoperability of Godwoken was super important as Fallen Factions needs to reach audiences far and wide, so the easier we can connect to our platform, the better.

“Something we’ve been really surprised with and has come to love a lot is the communication and help from Nervos and Build Club staff. We have contact points with many Nervos departments, a plethora of information to help us build, and a support network of other developers. This level of assistance and community is unmatched in other blockchains that we have seen, and we underestimated how amazing this would be.”

– Team Fallen Factions


Web3 Deployment & Publishing

“We chose to integrate Godwoken into Valise because of its focus on gaming and game developers. The focus on usability and lowering the barrier of entry for developers is huge for us. For example, easy-to-use wallets and gasless transactions. The commitment to improving game developer tooling and reducing/removing the need for game developers also to become smart contract developers is often overlooked in this space, and the team’s past experience in game dev gives us a lot of confidence in that vision. “

– Team Valist


Multi-Chain Trading Service


Nervos is unique in the way it has positioned itself as a multi-layered system. Nervos is:

  • a truly decentralized layer 1 (or layer 0).
  • a great design (state rent) for longevity. Longevity is not talked about enough and may prove to be very problematic in other blockchains in the future.
  • a great community.

The amount of support we’ve gotten from the team has been an amazing experience overall. Last but not least, which I’m sure is obvious, is the close to non-existent gas fees on Godwoken Layer 2″ 

-Team JioSwap



NervosPunkz is a collection of 2,000 randomly generated pixel art inspired NFTs native to the Nervos Network.  The team has created a beautiful collection of medieval and fantasy-themed NFTs, each with its own unique story.  Examples of inspiration include samurais, Vikings, and various mythical creatures.

“We chose GW because we wanted to build a cross-chain project with a  wide-spanning community. For this, Nervos is perfect. The features that stood out to us were the 100% EVM compatibility, the cheap gas fees, the scalability, and the chain’s security! So far, everything has been frictionless, and the experience has been great.”

– Team NervosPunkz

Other Ideas for projects on Godwoken: 


Godwoken excels in providing a platform to develop games. With Godwoken, you get a modular, fast, low-fee, secure ecosystem with lots of tooling and support. Godwoken is specifically being designed from the ground up for game developers. There is a reason why Godwoken is dubbed the “Game+” blockchain! Godwoken believes mass adoption will come with gaming and NFTs and is positioning itself to take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm both of these categories bring.



Godwoken will allow you to create NFT-based projects easily. Multiple NFT projects are ongoing, so you will definitely have a supportive community and good tooling. This is perfect for the mass adoption of your project. Think about how you want users to claim an NFT with their phone by scanning a QR code. Yes, it is possible! Lastly, because Godwoken is fully EVM-compatible, you can take advantage of a familiar development environment.


Existing dApps built on the EVM

Godwoken is 100% EVM compatible. Porting any EVM-based dApp is easy, and a large developer pool is available to maintain your project.



Many DeFi projects use an account model for their transactions because it is the best fit. Godwoken supports the account model, so DeFi projects built on Godwoken make sense.

Axon Sidechain

Example Projects launched on Axon: None! However, Axon has yet to launch fully; there is a rumor that an interoperability-based project might be the first to launch!  Maybe you will launch the next one?

Ideas for projects on Axon: 

  • Gaming projects, in general, need super fast TPS and don’t require high security.

  • Projects that require special features that can only be enabled by building an app-specific chain.

  • High-Frequency Trading environments. Think of bot trading platforms like 3Commas, that require high throughput.

It can’t be stated how important it is to know what you are building, why you are building it, and come up with a proper design. Answering these questions can be challenging, but they are critical for your project’s success.



We’ve Got Your Back!


We’d love to support you in any way we can. 


We have grant programs available and Build Club (a super-supportive community just for developers looking to get started with Nervos.)


– Here is a link to Build Club.

– Here is a link to our Grant Program.


Don’t need any help and want to start right this second?

Check out our tutorials below:


– Start building on L1 CKB!

– Start building on Godwoken!

– Start building on Axon!


Lastly, if you want a shortcut to try and figure out what layer you should be building on, we’ve created a handy tool for you that can help!


Take The Quiz

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